16th February 2018

What has been included?

The image that he has encountered a negative experience outlines in the first paragraph. From blackened fingertips, returning somewhere to intense hunger. The main character has been through something and has recovered but he’s letting his friend Richard believe he isn’t ready to go back to Lima. In the second paragraph the image of the main character being indecisive shows. He know’s he should return to Lima but he doesn’t want to face it yet. He states he was a victim just as Joe. “It wasn’t a crime to have survived. So why not go?”. This sentence out of the paragraph hints he feels guilty that he survived. His thoughts are obviously not very clear which is a good reason on why he wants to stay at the camp instead of going to a busy place, Lima.

These images affect the understanding of the events, setting and the people because the image of a text is key. It brings a theme to mind which sticks. The understanding of the text is undoubtedly¬†about the character reflecting on a bad experience and how he isn’t ready to start on his next journey because he needs to finish the one he’s in first. He is at a camp and needs to get back to Lima, not just for himself as his friend Richard needs to renew his visa in 5 days. To finish his journey he needs to face his reality and go to Lima.

The vocabulary chosen to be added to the text is specific and accurate to how the character must be feeling, examples such as “deep tiredness” indicates more than just feeling tired, it’s added aching, throbbing and long lasting. “My ordeal was the sight of my blackened fingertips”, this states he has experienced an extreme experience, blackened fingertips meaning it involved the snow and/or extreme coldness. “The mountains held me in thrall”, meaning he felt stuck where he was, as if the mountains were keeping him there. He believed he needed to stay longer as he felt sour about what had happened but deep down he knew it was the right thing to do, to return to Lima.

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