1. The quote, “The dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible” means people that dream during the day are people who are making their dreams come true. Often dreams are big and hard to conquer, which is why people who are dreamers of the day are dangerous as their dreams aren’t easy. This quote’s underlying meaning is about people who act on making their dreams possible, no matter how dangerous they might be. When Joe says this, he’s describing mountaineers and in this context it’s another way of saying they are courageous, adventurous and determined people who stop at nothing to attempt their goals.

2. The initial impression of Joe Simpson that I have is he’s aware of the little things happening around him. He’s interested in people and influenced by those surrounding him. Joe says in the opening pages. “I envied Simon his carefree take-it-as-it-comes attitude”.  This is an example of the interest and Influence he has to be more like people around him. He’s an adventurous person who I believe does a lot of thinking. “Simon was everything that I was not, everything I would like to have been,” this quote from Joe shows he doesn’t like aspects of himself or would prefer to be different but in a way it’s like he was looking back on his life over time thinking he could of done things differently or in a better way. He is an intriguing person with mystery to him on why he thinks certain ways. This impacts the understanding of the book in a good way as it makes you want to read more because not knowing enough isn’t fully satisfying.

3.How Joe describes Simon at the beginning of the book tells the readers that their friendship is mutual and they’re good for each other. “He was an easy friend: dependable, sincere, ready to see life as a joke…a touch of madness that makes which makes just a few people so special”, this statement from Joe means that they are easy with each other. Being easy with each other could mean they think alike, like same things or make similar decisions. Since they are in life threatening  situations everyday with each other being easy with each other is crucial. Joe likes Simon because he’s nice, fun and has a side to him that probably calms the people around him. Joe feels like he can rely on Simon, which show they have a mutually good friendship with each other. “There were few other people I could have coped with for so long,” Joe says, which is a compliment towards Simon. This tells the readers that they have a calm relationship, maybe meaning they don’t talk all the time so it gives them both time for themselves, as it comes across Joe likes to spend time alone and/or hasn’t met too many people he likes to be around for long periods of time. “Simon was keeping to a steady pace that matched mine,”  This undoubtedly means they work together well, neither of them have to speed up or slow down because they match each other fitness wise. The relationship between the two comes across that they are similar to each other on different levels and probably have similar needs.

4. How Joe describes Richard at the beginning of the book, makes Richard seem very easy going, hasn’t got his life sorted out and maybe lost in himself. “He had lived off grubs and berries with pygmies wile dug-out canoeing through the rain forests of Zaire,” This quote from Joe, proves that Richard is an easy to please guy who isn’t bothered where he’s going or what he’s doing, he’s just happy to go with the flow and see what comes from it. “Simon and I found Richard in a sleazy hotel in Lima, halfway through his six-month exploration of South America,” This quote is a source of what Simon and Joe might think of Richard. Perhaps that Richard is poor, indicated from how they described the hotel as “sleazy”. It shows they probably took Richard under their wing because he is an adventurous person and may also be because they felt sorry for what state he was in.  Richard appears like a man who takes opportunity’s and is always searching for new experiences to encounter while living in the moment.

5. Being far away from nearby village’s will cause them problems if something goes wrong because, they are facing dangerous situations which can cause complications if one were to get injured. It would mean their is a higher risk of not surviving if they couldn’t get to help soon enough. Slowing them down they might run out of medication or food depending on the severity of the situation. As mountaineers they should have all the gear they need to have to assist common troubles along the way. Being far away can be stressful on the group, putting pressure on them which might make them make irrational decisions. Joe describes the terrain as, “Twenty-eight miles of rough walking,” Indicating that is will be a long, tiring and hard walk. Because of previous statements about Simon and Joe matching each other, they should fine for success in this journey, only concern being Richard.

6. Joe talking positively to the group when the times tough will be helpful for them to have motivation that they can succeed. “We can do it..we can do it…I kept repeating like a mantra (chant) whenever I felt that hollow hungry gap in my stomach,” is a quote from Joe. This represents that Joe finds mountaineering challenging sometimes, ‘feeling it in his stomach,’ which is why he demands to himself that he can do it. In previous journey’s Joe may have no succeeded, being a good reason why his self-esteem isn’t very high. As speaking to himself obviously helps him, it will most likely help the group when they face a challenge. Sometimes hearing that extra motivation and/or reflecting on what they have already accomplished can boost the optimism needed to get further, making them closer to the success they want because their biggest challenge is overcoming their doubt.

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