Light symbolizes a form of hope for Joe. Whilst Joe is in the crevasse, he describes it as dark, mad and compares it to his grave. He loses his hope and thinks he will die in the crevasse. Joe decides that no matter what he does, he will die. Because of this he chooses to meet this thought instead of wait. His way of meeting his fate is to lower himself further into the crevasse. “I dared not risk turning to discover just another deep hole.” A quote from Joe, showing the readers that Joe doesn’t want to be disappointed again. He lowers himself with no knowledge of what is below him. He thinks that this him giving up on life but the underlying actions for him to be giving up on life would be to stay in the dark crevasse and wait. When Joe discovers snow and light at the bottom his hope is revived and the tone turns positive. The text turns into an uplifting affirmation. Seeing the light at the bottom changes Joe’s thoughts, almost like he never doubted his survival. This gives the readers a sense of relief as what was bad, turned good. ‘The Voice’, is significant due to it representing Joe’s inner battles. He is gullible because if one thing goes wrong he thinks the worst and vice versa. His situations and actions control his thoughts which make him naive on making wise decisions. Joe is an example of a person jumping to conclusions. In his situation it would be terrifying which is the exact reason why Joe needed to have stayed calm, no matter how hard it was.

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  1. Some perceptive comments made about these two symbols. Continue to “unpack” the ideas associated with “pillar”, “gold”, “light” and the “voice” to develop your answer.
    * Also, I would have been interested to hear what you meant by: “Joe is an example of a person jumping to conclusions.”


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