Before I look around the wooden table at all the familiar faces. They smile and laugh, I don’t join in but I feel happy knowing they’re present. The sun gives an orange tint to the afternoon, heating up our skin. More people turn up to the Park Cafe and join the table as I glance […]

Has a decision you’ve made ever impacted your life greatly? The answer is yes, the decisions you make affect your life everyday. Throughout this essay you will learn how the decisions and choices you make affect your future life. This is shown in Divergent written by Veronica Roth, 13 Reasons Why written by Jay Asher, […]

Describe at least one important technique used in written text. Explain how this technique helped you understand one or more key ideas. Symbolism, Figurative language and foreshadowing are used throughout ‘Touching the Void’ a book by Joe Simpson. They are used deliberately from the author, Joe Simpson to make the reader see and feel a […]

Speech: INTRODUCTION Litter? What is it? It’s waste products disposed without consent in an erroneous environment. It’s morally wrong to litter and deep down you all know it. Litter is a huge environmental issue with a negative impact and you contribute to the negative effects if you litter. My purpose today is to persuade you […]

Emotive language was used throughout the book to capture the reader into feeling what the author wants them to feel by using emotive language that could potentially create a connection from the reader’s experiences to the character’s situation. The following emotive words, exhausting, frightened, breathing quick, dreading, fragile, injury, exploded, ragged gasps, broken, ruptured, crushed, […]

Light symbolizes a form of hope for Joe. Whilst Joe is in the crevasse, he describes it as dark, mad and compares it to his grave. He loses his hope and thinks he will die in the crevasse. Joe decides that no matter what he does, he will die. Because of this he chooses to […]

“The first feelings of panic built up as I stared wildly from one crevasse to another. Had we gone above or below that one? Or was it that lower one? I couldn’t remember. The harder I tried the more confused I became, and eventually I was weaving a contorted and terrifying path, unsure of where […]

Contrast is used in these sections of text to create a more positive analogy from the supposed negative situation. Contrast makes the reader understand what Joe is feeling through describing his feelings visually. For example the crevasse Joe is in is described like a night sky to give the reader an interpretation on what Joe […]

As Joe and Simon descend the encounter problems such as Joe being in pain while Simon belays him due to Joe’s injured leg. “Howling and screaming for Simon to stop achieved nothing; the blame had to lie somewhere, so I swore Simon’s character to the devil”. This quote reveals the inner feelings of anger and […]

1.Many language techniques are used in chapter 5 to make the reader experience was Joe was going through. “I lifted my head from the snow and stared, up across my chest, at a grotesque distortion in the right knee, twisting the leg into a strange zigzag.” This is a quote from Joe right after he injures […]